FastPunch Time Clock Software

This software was designed with ease-of-use for both end users and management as the primary goal. It runs on basic, inexpensive Microsoft Windows workstations using RFID scanners. An ideal solution for companies who need to track additional information beyond mere clock ins/clock outs. For example, FastPunch can prompt employees for location, category and sub-category of work performed.

FastPunch in action

True Cost Savings

  1. No need to purchase expensive proprietary equipment for tracking time clock information.
  2. Save time. Reduce the time and hassle for employees as they clock in and out.
  3. Reports show how much time employees worked broken down by day, week, pay period, and total per custom date range.
  4. Calculate overtime automatically.

Higher Productivity

  • Share data between multiple locations - enabling employees to clock in/out at different stations across your network.
  • View who is checked in/out at a glance
  • Generate management reports and manage employee records from your office.




Software Licensing
User Count Annual License One-Time Purchase
10-User 189 649
20-User 339 1159
30-User 429 1459
50-User 559 1929
100-User 999 3399
250-User 2379 8089
251+ Users Please call Please call
Annual Maintenance / Support Included 15%
Installation/Setup Costs
Item Setup Fee
First station 125
Additional stations 50 / station
RFID Scanner Hardware
Scanner Type Price
PC Prox Scanner 189.95 each
Tag Type Price
125khz Proximity Card 5.89 / card
Pricing Example
Qty Description Amount Extended
1 10-user Annual liscense 189 189
1 Scanning Station Install 125 125
1 PC Prox RFID Scanner 189.95 189.95
10 RFID Proximity Cards 5.89 58.90
Total 562.85
To purchase FastPunch or for a live demo, please call 800-993-9028, 800-993-9028, or Click here to contact us.